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Rebecca at Cosmetic Creations is a miracle worker! I came in abut 3 months after giving birth to my son and was experiencing the worst acne break outs I’ve ever had due to fluctuating hormones and a handful of other reasons — not just a few pimples here and there, but painful deep cystic acne. As anyone who suffers with acne knows, it weighs on your self esteem, and it truly was taking a toll on me mentally, plus it was so painful.

I had been to my dermatologist’s esthetician, and another medi spa prior to Cosmetic Creations and they just didn’t get deep enough or personalize my treatment to really make much of a positive change with my skin.

Following just one acne facial and microdermabrasion I saw improvement. It was recommended I do at least 5 treatments to see substantial results and she was right– after my 5th appointment, I felt like a new person. My skin is at a total different place than it was a few months ago at my first treatment. Without question, the investment was worth it- I feel so much more comfortable being out and about without a face covered in painful red bumps. Of course with cystic acne some residual scarring can happen, so now I plan to treat these with peels and will be good to go!  I am so thankful for Rebecca’s help!


I absolutely LOVE Rebecca and the amazing treatment I receive at Cosmetic Creations, I’m so lucky to have found her!

She understands acne and extractions like no esthetician I have EVER met, it’s truly a gift! She spends such dubious time on me every time I visit and is extremely thorough with her care. I do not get scars or break out after my facials, like I do everywhere else I have been. I recently had The Perfect Derma Peel for acne and it dramatically diminished my acne and scarring. I’m so glad to have done it and am constantly complimented on my glow- even months after! I will never leave Cosmetic Creations! Thank you, Rebecca!!

– Sheree Carella

Cosmetic Creations Spa
I cannot begin to tell you how Rebecca at Cosmetic Creations has changed my life.

I have to admit when I first came to Rebecca I was extremely skeptical because I’ve tried everything on my skin: over the counter topicals, harsh prescriptions, expensive creams, you name it I put it on my face—and if none of those things worked for me then

Rebecca was definitely going to fail.  But there was something inside me that said, “Just give it a try.”
After several questions about my skin regiment and assessing the surface of my skin Rebecca knew immediately what she had to do to clear up my skin.  Unlike everyone else who has touched my skin Rebecca began the process by educating me on the things important to having healthy and clear skin, which are practices that I have incorporated into my daily routine and still follow today.

Who would think that such easy and mundane steps can change a person’s life in so many ways?
I cannot begin to tell you how Rebecca at Cosmetic Creations has changed my life.  She is an amazing entrepreneur, aesthetician and friend, and she has brought more happiness to my life within this last year than I can even begin to explain. Rebecca, I just want you to know that I attribute all my (personal and professional) success to you, so for that I THANK YOU.


Cosmetic Creations Spa
By the end of the six weeks I was so happy, I would constantly get compliments on my skin and it made me feel so great about myself.

“I was so un-happy with my skin, and I wanted to go on accutane so badly, so instead I made a deal with my mom that I would go to Rebecca at cosmetic creations for 6 weeks to get facials, and if I did not like the results my mother would allow me to go on accutane. The first time I went to see her I came to her crying because I was embarrassed by my poor skin. After 3 weeks I noticed a great improvement in my face, I kept on my regimen, seeing her once a week to get facials. By the end of the six weeks I was so happy, I would constantly get compliments on my skin and it made me feel so great about myself. I’m so glad my mom convinced me to go see Rebecca. Rebecca is so kind and made me feel like I was one of her own, I didn’t feel like just another client. I still see her weekly, to keep my skin up and in check. Without Rebecca I do not know where I would be. Thanks Rebecca!”

-Jenna Bermann

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