Top 8 Benefits of Oxygen Treatments

Top 8 Benefits of Oxygen Treatments

Oxygen treatments are very beneficial to many different skin types and are ideally great for mature, dry, sun- damaged or skin that’s in need of detoxification. Oxygen, used along with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids, nourish, revitalize and refresh skin cells. Working at a cellular level, oxygen attaches to collagen and elastin molecules which helps make your skin firmer and supplier.

1. Can Deliver Immediate Results

Most individuals will notice immediate results after one Oxygen Facial. From them seeing a more noticeable glow to an increased radiance, you can always expect instant results from your first treatment session. Having continued sessions can result in you seeing better and better results. Over time, you can expect a beautiful glow, more youthful-looking skin, and a reduction in wrinkles and acne.

2. Helps to Provide Support for Collagen Production

Collagen, the protein that provides strength, elasticity, and support to the skin, decreases with age. As collagen levels go down, fine lines and wrinkles become more pronounced and skin starts looking saggier and less plump.

Oxygen facials can help support collagen production in the skin, leading to a firmer appearance and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Helps to Provide Skin Detoxification

Oxygen Facials deliver nutrients and oxygen in a form that is easy for the skin to utilize. By delivering these nutrients into the skin’s top layer, Oxygen Therapy Facials can help support the skin’s natural detoxification process and fight against sun exposure and pollution.

4. No Side Effects Involved

One of the biggest advantages of Oxygen Therapy Facial Treatment is its complete lack of side effects. Since there is no risk of redness, swelling, burning, irritation, or stinging, Oxygen Facials are suitable for all skin types, even individuals who have sensitive, reactive skin.

5. Does Not Require Downtime

Oxygen Facials do not have any side effects, there is also no downtime required after the treatment. Unlike those other harsh treatments, you can resume your regular skincare routine immediately after an Oxygen Facial. You always still have to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

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